Frappe aims to achieve minimum cognitive load for its users. Hence, you can find the most used methods and utilities in the frappe namespace itself. It's the only import you need (most of the time) in a Python file.

  1. Document
  2. Database
  3. Jinja
  4. Common Utilities
  5. Router
  6. Response
  7. Language Resolution
  8. Search
  9. Hooks
  10. REST API
  11. Full Text Search
  12. Dialog API
  13. Query Builder


Frappe attaches itself to the window object under the frappe namespace. You will find most of the Client API under the frappe object. All of these methods are only available inside the Desk. A good way to explore these APIs is from the browser console.

  1. Form
  2. Controls
  3. Page
  4. Tree
  5. Server Calls (AJAX)
  6. Common Utilities
  7. Dialog API
  8. Chart API
  9. Scanner API


  2. Jinja API

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