bench backup [OPTIONS]


Backup sites specified. Executing the vanilla command will create a database dump, compress it and save the data under the default backup location ./sites/{site}/private/backups.

In case a current site is set, simply running bench backup command will backup that site.


  • --backup-path Set path for saving all the files in this operation

  • --backup-path-db Set path for saving database file

  • --backup-path-conf Set path for saving config file

  • --backup-path-files Set path for saving public file

  • --backup-path-private-files Set path for saving private file

  • --exclude, -e Specify the DocTypes to not backup seperated by commas

  • --only, --include, -i Specify the DocTypes to backup seperated by commas


  • --ignore-backup-conf Ignore excludes/includes set in config

  • --with-files Take backup with private and public files

  • --compress Compress private and public files

  • --verbose Add verbosity


  1. Backing up with the site's private and public files.

    bench --site {site} backup --with-files
  2. Compress the public and private files (if required). This saves the file under a tgz format instead of the default tar format.

    bench --site {site} backup --with-files --compress
  3. Change the path where the files backed up will be saved.

    bench --site {site} backup --backup-path {backup_path}
  4. Change the path for a specific backup file. For each unspecified option, the respective file will be saved in the default location.

    bench --site {site} backup --with-files
       --backup-path-conf {conf_path}
       --backup-path-db {db_path}
       --backup-path-files {files_path}
       --backup-path-private-files {private_path}
  5. Add verbosity for the various stages managed internally via the Bench CLI.

    bench --site {site} backup --verbose
  6. Backup only certain doctypes on the site.

    bench --site {site} backup --only 'ToDo,Note,Task,Project,Sales Invoice'
  7. Backup all tables except certain doctypes.

    bench --site {site} backup --exclude 'Error Log,Access Log,Activity Log,Version'
  8. Backup complete site ignoring the frappe.conf.backup.* values if specified.

    bench --site {site} backup --ignore-backup-conf

If the backup process happens to fail (any exception is raised) - the files will be deleted to avoid using extra disk space.