bench drop-site


bench drop-site [OPTIONS] SITE


Drop an existing site. In this operation, the database is dropped and the respective site's folder is moved from ./sites to ./archived_sites (unless specified otherwise) on your Bench. A full site backup is taken prior to this.


  • --db-root-username Username for a DBMS user with drop database privileges. Defaults to root
  • --db-root-password Password for the DBMS user
  • --archived-sites-path Specify the path to move the site's folder in


  • --no-backup Skip backup prior to site drop
  • --force Force drop-site even if an error is encountered


  1. Skip the interactive prompt by passing the root password.

    bench drop-site {site} --db-root-password {db-root-pass}
  2. Skip taking a backup before site deletion.

    bench drop-site {site} --no-backup
  3. Move the site's folder in a different folder instead of the standard ./archived_sites.

    bench drop-site {site} --archived-sites-path {path/to/archive}

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