bench migrate [OPTIONS]


The migrate command updates the site's state to the current available apps. It performs a range of tasks, in order:

  • Run before_migrate Hooks
  • Run Application Patches
  • Synchronize Database Schema and Background Jobs
  • Synchronize Fixtures
  • Synchronize Dashboards, Desktop Icons and Web Pages
  • Updates Translations
  • Rebuild Search Index for all routes
  • Run after_migrate Hooks

This operation also updates the touched_tables.json file for the respective file and updates the App Versions in the "Installed Applications" DocType.


  • --skip-failing Skip patches that fail to run
  • --skip-search-index Skip search indexing for web documents


  1. Run migrations on an existing site.

     bench --site {site} migrate
  2. Run migrations skipping rebuilding search index for web documents

     bench --site {site} migrate --skip-search-index
  3. Run migrations skipping any failing patches.

     bench --site {site} migrate --skip-failing

Note: Skipping failing patches is not recommended for production use

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