bench trim-tables [OPTIONS]


Docfields removed from a particular DocType may not be deleted from their Database tables. This is by design to prevent premature data loss in Frappe. This won't be problematic for the most part, however, at some point you may face issues due to this lingering data.

Some benefits of regular table trimming are:

  • Smaller backup sizes
  • Reduced time taken to backup sites
  • Reduced Site Database Usages
  • Optimized queries in case of SELECT *
  • Database is clean and doesn't have anything hidden or redundant data

This command modifies the schema of tables in your site's database. It will by default, take a full backup of your entire database before modifying them. In case, these tables were modified errenously, you can restore your site to it's original state using the restore command.


  • --format, -f Set output format. Available options are JSON and TEXT. Defaults to TEXT.


  • --dry-run Show what would be deleted
  • --no-backup Do not backup the site. This is not recommended since this is a destructive operation.


  1. There maybe a lot of lingering columns taking up the space. Perhaps you figured this out when you got an error that row size limit has reached while customizing your DocType. To be sure that there aren't any ghost columns, or old hidden fields taking up the space, you can be sure by running
    bench --site {site} trim-tables --dry-run

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