Adding Custom Button To Form

To create a custom button on your form, you need to edit the javascript file associated to your doctype. For example, If you want to add a custom button to User form then you must edit user.js.

In this file, you need to write a new method add_custom_button which should add a button to your form.

Function Signature for add_custom_button(...)

frm.add_custom_button(__(buttonName), function(){
  //perform desired action such as routing to new form or fetching etc.
}, __(groupName));

Example-1: Adding a button to User form

We should edit frappe\core\doctype\user\user.js

frappe.ui.form.on('User', {
    refresh: function(frm) {
      frm.add_custom_button(__('Get User Email Address'), function(){
    }, __("Utilities"));

You should be seeing a button on user form as shown below,

Custom Button

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