How to Enable Backup Encryption

Files created during the backup process can be encrypted using an Auto-generated key by checking the Encrypt Backup option and the data can be saved under the default or provided location.

System Requirements

For MacOS, ensure that gnupg is installed in the system. Use the following command to install gnupg:

brew install gnupg

Most Linux distributions already have GnuPG installed, and the current version will likely use GnuPG 2.0 by default.

Encrypt Backup option

  1. Under Settings tab go to System settings.

  2. Inside the Backups section check the Encrypt Backup checkbox.

Encrypt Backup option(Enabled)

The system uses an auto-generated key supplied by the Site config. If no such key is found, a new key is generated. Any Administrator can later look it from the https://{site}/app/backups page.

It encrypts the public and private files as well as the partial backup files.

Backup Encryption Status

  1. Encrypted backups are stored at the same location as the general backups ./sites/{site}/private/backups.

  2. Encrypted backups can be downloaded from the https://{site}/app/backups

  3. Encrypted backups are differentiated using the key icon.

Encrypt Backup option(Enabled)

Backup Encryption Key

  1. To get the backup encryption key go to the ./sites/{site}/private/backups.

  2. Click on the Get Encrpytion key and verify your password.

Encrypt Backup option(Enabled)

Copy the key to restore the encrypted backup files.

Restoring the Encrypted backup files

  1. The bench restore SQL_FILE_PATH can be used to restore the files without --backup-encryption-key as it is automatically picked from the Site Config.

  2. In case of an unsuccessful restoration due to a wrong key --backup-encryption-key can be used to provide the key to restore the files.

  3. Usage:

    • For full backup files
      bench --site {site} restore --backup-encryption-key {key} [OPTIONS]
    • For partial backup files
      bench --site {site} partial-restore --backup-encryption-key {key} [OPTIONS]

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