Google Calendar Integration

Frappe provides an integration with Google Calendar in order for all users to synchronize their events.


In order to allow a synchronization with Google Calendar you need to connect to your application in Google Cloud Platform and then create an account for each of your users:

  1. Create a new project on Google Cloud Platform and generate new OAuth 2.0 credentials
  2. Add https://{yoursite} to Authorized JavaScript origins
  3. Add https://{yoursite}?cmd=frappe.integrations.doctype.gcalendar_settings.gcalendar_settings.google_callback as an authorized redirect URI
  4. Add your Client ID and Client Secret in the Gcalendar application: in "Modules>Integrations>Google Calendar>GCalendar Settings"

Once this step is successfully completed, each user can create their own account in Google Calendar > GCalendar Account. They will be requested to authorize your Google application to access their calendar information and will then be redirected to a success page.


  1. Creation of a new calendar in Google Calendar

    • Each User can choose a dedicated name for their Google Calendar.
  2. Events synchronization from Frappe to GCalendar

    • All Events created in Frappe are created in Google Calendar.
    • Recurring Events are created as recurring events too.
    • You can optionally add a Google Meet conference link to the Event.
    • All participants (User email) will be added to the Event.
    • Events modified in Frappe are updated in Google Calendar.
    • Events deleted in Frappe are deleted in Google Calendar.
  3. Events synchronization from GCalendar to Frappe

    • Events created in Google Calendar are created in Frappe.
    • Events updated in Google Calendar are updated in Frappe.

The synchronization module follows Frappe's authorization rule: An event will be only synchronized if it is public or if the user is the owner.


Currently, if an instance of a recurring event is cancelled in Google Calendar, this change will not be reflected in Frappe.

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