Bench is the CLI tool to manage deployments for sites based on Frappe Framework. Here are steps to deploy your frappe based sites on production.

Install Bench

Deploying frappe sites is not too different from setting it up on your local system. Install bench using the Easy Install script if your server is one of the supported linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS). Make sure you pass the --production flag to the script.

sudo python --production --user [frappe-user]

Setup sites and apps

# change directory to frappe-bench
cd frappe-bench

# create a new site
bench new-site

# download frappe apps or your custom-apps
bench get-app erpnext
bench get-app

# install apps onto your site
bench --site install-app erpnext yourapp

Check supervisor

If everything is setup properly, you should see frappe processes as the supervisor status output.

$ sudo supervisorctl status
frappe-bench-redis:frappe-bench-redis-cache                 RUNNING   pid 6467, uptime 10 days, 8:12:09
frappe-bench-redis:frappe-bench-redis-queue                 RUNNING   pid 6466, uptime 10 days, 8:12:09
frappe-bench-redis:frappe-bench-redis-socketio              RUNNING   pid 6468, uptime 10 days, 8:12:09
frappe-bench-web:frappe-bench-frappe-web                    RUNNING   pid 8856, uptime 10 days, 4:32:18
frappe-bench-web:frappe-bench-node-socketio                 RUNNING   pid 8858, uptime 10 days, 4:32:18
frappe-bench-workers:frappe-bench-frappe-default-worker-0   RUNNING   pid 8823, uptime 10 days, 4:32:19
frappe-bench-workers:frappe-bench-frappe-long-worker-0      RUNNING   pid 8824, uptime 10 days, 4:32:19
frappe-bench-workers:frappe-bench-frappe-schedule           RUNNING   pid 8822, uptime 10 days, 4:32:19
frappe-bench-workers:frappe-bench-frappe-short-worker-0     RUNNING   pid 8825, uptime 10 days, 4:32:19

If you own and it is mapped to the IP Address of your server, your site should be live on


To update your sites, just run the following command. It will update all of your apps (git pull), run patches on all sites, build JS and CSS assets and restart supervisor.

# update everything
bench update

# update apps
bench update --pull

# run patches only
bench update --patch

# build assets only
bench update --build

# update bench (the cli)
bench update --bench

# update python packages and node_modules
bench update --requirements

Redis Namespaces

Namespaces help to secure user's data. Multiple benches can use the same Redis instance without worrying about namespace conflicts. You can enable Redis namespaces in Frappe by following the given setup (for now Frappe supports namespaces for Redis Queue at bench level).

You can create Redis users and configure Frappe with credentials using bench create-rq-users CLI.

bench create-rq-users

# Optional flags
# --use-rq-auth Enable Redis authentication for all bench sites
# --set-admin-password sets default user admin password

Above command generates an ACL file in the bench configs directory. Make sure that Redis_queue.conf file is configured to use an acl file if not already (Alternatively, run bench setup redis with the latest version of the Bench CLI).

aclfile [frappe-bench-absolute-path]/config/redis_queue.acl

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