Making Models

The next step is to create the models as we discussed in the introduction. In Frappe, models are called DocTypes. You can create new DocTypes from the Desk UI. DocTypes are made of fields called DocField and role based permissions are integrated into the models, these are called DocPerms.

When a DocType is saved, a new table is created in the database. This table is named as tab[DocType]. For Example, a DocType Article will create a table named as tabArticle, similarly a DocType Library Transaction will create a table named as tabLibrary Transaction and not tabLibraryTransaction

When you create a DocType below mentioned files/folders are automatically created.

  • A new folder in the 'doctype' sub-folder of corresponding Module folder
  • A model JSON file
  • Controller template in Python
  • Controller template in JS

When you update the DocType, the JSON model file is updated and whenever bench migrate is executed, it is synced with the database. This makes it easy to propagate schema changes and migrate.

Developer Mode

To create models, you must set developer_mode as 1 in the site_config.json file located in /sites/library and execute command bench clear-cache or use the user menu in UI and click on "Reload" for the changes to take effect. You should now see the "Developer" app on your desk

 "db_name": "bcad64afbf",
 "db_password": "v3qHDeVKvWVi7s97",
 "developer_mode": 1

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