Starting the Bench

Now we can login and check if everything works.

To start the development server, run bench start

$ bench start
13:58:51 web.1        | started with pid 22135
13:58:51 worker.1     | started with pid 22136
13:58:51 workerbeat.1 | started with pid 22137
13:58:52 web.1        |  * Running on
13:58:52 web.1        |  * Restarting with reloader
13:58:52 workerbeat.1 | [2014-09-17 13:58:52,343: INFO/MainProcess] beat: Starting...

You can now open your browser and go to http://localhost:8000. You should see this login page if all goes well:

Login Screen

Now login with :

Login ID: Administrator

Password : Use the password that was set during site installation

When you login, you should see the "Desk" home page


As you can see, the Frappe basic system comes with several pre-loaded utilities like To Do, File Manager etc. These apps can integrated in your app workflow as we progress.

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