Using Html Templates In Javascript

Often while building javascript interfaces, there is a need to render DOM as an HTML template. Frappe Framework uses John Resig's Microtemplate script to render HTML templates in the Desk application.

Note 1: In Frappe we use the Jinja-like {% raw %}{%{% endraw %} tags to embed code rather than the standard <%

Note 2: Never use single quotes ' inside the HTML template.

To render a template,

  1. Create a template html file in your app. e.g. address_list.html
  2. Add it to build.json for your app (you can include it in frappe.min.js or your own javascript file).
  3. To render it in your app, use frappe.render(frappe.templates.address_list, {[context]})

Example Template:

From erpnext/public/js/templates/address_list.js

<p><button class="btn btn-sm btn-default btn-address">
    <i class="fa fa-plus"></i> New Address</button></p>
{% for(var i=0, l=addr_list.length; i<l; i++) { %}
    <a href="/app/address/{%= addr_list[i].name %}" class="btn btn-sm btn-default pull-right">
        {%= __("Edit") %}</a>
    <h4>{%= addr_list[i].address_type %}</h4>
    <div style="padding-left: 15px;">
            {% if(addr_list[i].is_primary_address) { %}<span class="label label-info">
                {%= __("Primary") %}</span>{% } %}
            {% if(addr_list[i].is_shipping_address) { %}<span class="label label-default">
                {%= __("Shipping") %}</span>{% } %}
        <p style="margin-top: 5px;">{%= addr_list[i].display %}</p>
{% } %}
{% if(!addr_list.length) { %}
<p class="text-muted">{%= __("No address added yet.") %}</p>
{% } %}
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