Adding Pages

To add pages, just add .html or .md files in the www folder. The pages must only have the content, not the <html> and <body> tags.

You can also write markdown pages


The first file in a folder must be called or index.html

Either file must be present for the system to make this a valid folder to build pages.


# This is a title

This is some page content
a [link](/link/to/page)

Links urls to pages can be given without the .html extension for example /home/link


The first <h1> block if present will be the page title if not specified in a special tag. If no <h1> or title is specified, the file name will be the title.

Adding CSS

You can also add a .css file with the same filename (e.g. index.css for that will be rendered with the page.

Special Tags

  1. <!-- jinja --> will make the page render in Jinja
  2. <!-- title: Adding Pages --> will add a custom title
  3. <!-- no-breadcrumbs --> will not add breadcrumbs in the page
  4. <!-- static --> will enable caching (if you have used Jinja templating)