Setting Limits for your Site

> Note: This feature has been deprecated since Version 12

Frappe v7 has added support for setting limits and restrictions for your site. These restrictions are set in the site_config.json file inside the site's folder.

 "db_name": "xxxxxxxxxx",
 "db_password": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
 "limits": {
  "emails": 1500,
  "space": 0.157,
  "expiry": "2016-07-25",
  "users": 1

You can set a limit by running:

bench --site [sitename] set-limit [limit] [value]

You can set multiple limits at the same time, by running

bench --site [sitename] set-limits --limit [limit] [value] --limit [limit-2] [value-2]

The valid limits you can set are:

  • users - Limit on the number of maximum users for a site
  • emails - Limit on the number of emails sent per month from the site
  • space - Limit on the maximum space the site can use (GB)
  • email_group - Limit on the maximum number of members allowed in an Email Group
  • expiry - Expiry date for the site (YYYY-MM-DD within quotes)


bench --site site1.local set-limit users 5

You can check your usage by opening the "Usage Info" page from the toolbar / AwesomeBar. A limit will only show up on the page if it has been set.

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