bench uninstall-app


bench uninstall-app [OPTIONS] APP


Remove Application and linked doctypes, modules from the site. Executing the vanilla command will check if the app exists on site before attempting to delete its modules and doctypes. The application may not be necessarily installed on the bench to run the uninstall-app command.


  • -y, --yes To bypass confirmation prompt for uninstalling the app
  • --dry-run List all doctypes that will be deleted
  • --no-backup Do not backup the site
  • --force Force remove the app from site


  1. Perform a dry run to see what would happen on running it on a particular site.

    bench --site {site} uninstall-app {app} --dry-run
  2. Don't take a backup before the application uninstall operation.

    bench --site {site} uninstall-app {app} --no-backup
  3. Use force to uninstall application from site.

    bench --site {site} uninstall-app {app} --force
  4. Skip the interactive prompt for confirmation of uninstall.

    bench --site {site} uninstall-app {app} --yes

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