A list of resources to help you get started with building apps using Frappe.

1. Python

Frappe uses Python 3 for server-side programming. It is highly recommended to learn Python before you start building apps with Frappe Framework.


  1. Codecademy Tutorial for Python
  2. Official Python Tutorial

2. MariaDB / Postgres

To create database-driven apps with Frappe, you must understand the basics of database management and common SQL queries.


  1. Codecademy Tutorial for SQL
  2. A basic MySQL tutorial by DigitalOcean
  3. Getting started with MariaDB


If you want to build user interfaces using Frappe Framework, you will need to learn basic HTML / CSS and the Bootstrap CSS Framework.


  1. Codecademy Tutorial for HTML/CSS
  2. Getting started with Bootstrap

4. JavaScript / jQuery

To customize forms and create interactive user interfaces, you will have to learn JavaScript and the library jQuery.


  1. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
  2. Codecademy Tutorial for JavaScript
  3. Codecademy Tutorial for jQuery

5. Jinja Templating

For building Web Views and Print Templates, you will have to learn the Jinja Templating language.


  1. Jinja Documentation

6. Git / GitHub

Learn how to contribute to an open source project using Git and GitHub, two great tools to help you manage your code and share it with others.


  1. Basic Git Tutorial
  2. How to contribute to Open Source

If you are comfortable with the basics of these tools, you are ready to build an app with Frappe Framework.

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