Frappe ships with an HTTP API that can be classified into Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), to call whitelisted methods and Representational State Transfer (REST), to manipulate resources.

The base URL is https://{your frappe instance}. Every request shown here should be added to the end of your base URL. For example, if your instance is, GET /api/resource/User means GET


A request to an endpoint /api/method/ will call a whitelisted python function.

For example, GET /api/method/frappe.auth.get_logged_user will call this function from frappe's auth module:

def get_logged_user():
    return frappe.session.user


  "message": "Administrator"


All documents in Frappe are available via a RESTful API with prefix /api/resource/. You can perform all CRUD operations on them:

  • Create

    You can create a document by sending a POST request to the endpoint, /api/resource/{doctype}.

  • Read

    You can get a document by its name using the endpoint, /api/resource/{doctype}/{name}

  • Update

    You can update a document by sending a PUT request to the endpoint, /api/resource/{doctype}/{name}. This acts like a PATCH HTTP request in which you do not have to send the whole document but only the parts you want to change.

  • Delete

    You can delete a document by its name by sending a DELETE request to the endpoint, /api/resource/{doctype}/{name}.

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