bench reinstall


bench reinstall [OPTIONS]


Reinstall a site with the current apps. This will wipe all site data and start afresh. This is considered a destructive operation, hence, contains an interactive confirmation prompt by default.

Note: This feature only exists for MariaDB sites currently. In the future, they may be extended for PostgreSQL support as well.


  • --admin-password Administrator Password for reinstalled site
  • --mariadb-root-username Root username for MariaDB
  • --mariadb-root-password Root password for MariaDB


  • --yes Skip confirmation for reinstall


  1. Reinstall a site skipping the prompts for:

    • Confirmation for operation
    • MariaDB Root Password
    • Administrator Password
       bench reinstall {site} --yes
           --mariadb-root-password {db-pass}
           --admin-password {admin-pass}
  2. Reinstall a site using an alternative user with DBMS SUPER privileges.

    bench reinstall
        --mariadb-root-username {db-user}
        --mariadb-root-password {db-pass}

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