bench list-apps


bench list-apps [OPTIONS]


List all the Frappe Applications installed on the specified site. The information shown by the command is fetched from the Installed Applications DocType which tracks the latest version of the apps, the site was migrated to. The global default installed_apps is used as fallback.

Multi-site support has been added in Version 13. To see the summary for all sites, run the command with site's value as all.


  • --format, -f Choose the format for listing apps installed on the specified site, options being "text" and "json". Default is "json".


  1. List apps installed on all sites.

    bench --site all list-apps
  2. List apps installed on all sites in parsable JSON format.

    bench --site all list-apps --format json
  3. List apps installed on a specific site in text format.

    bench --site {site} list-apps --format text
    bench --site {site} list-apps -f text
    bench --site {site} list-apps

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