The Tree View is generated for all DocTypes that has Is Tree enabled.

Tree View Tree View

Standard Tree JS

To customize the Tree View you must have a {doctype}_tree.js file in the doctype directory. Below are all the options that can be customized.

For instance, if you want to configure the Account DocType, you'll have to create a file account_tree.js with the following contents.

frappe.treeview_settings['Account'] = {
    breadcrumb: 'Accounting',
    title: 'Chart of Accounts',
    filters: [
            fieldname: 'company',
            options: 'Company 1\nCompany 2',
            label: 'Company',
            on_change: handle_company_change()
    get_tree_nodes: '',
    add_tree_node: '',
    // fields for a new node
    fields: [
            fieldtype: 'Data', fieldname: 'account_name',
            label: 'New Account Name', reqd: true
            fieldtype: 'Link', fieldname: 'account_currency',
            label: 'Currency', options: 'Currency'
            fieldtype: 'Check', fieldname: 'is_group', label: 'Is Group'
    // ignore fields even if mandatory
    ignore_fields: ['parent_account'],
    // to add custom buttons under 3-dot menu group
    menu_items: [
            label: 'New Company',
            action: function() { frappe.new_doc('Company', true) },
            condition: 'frappe.boot.user.can_create.indexOf('Company') !== -1'
    onload: function(treeview) {
        // triggered when tree view is instanciated
    post_render: function(treeview) {
        // triggered when tree is instanciated
    onrender: function(node) {
        // triggered when a node is instanciated
    on_get_node: function(nodes) {
        // triggered when `get_tree_nodes` returns nodes
    // enable custom buttons beside each node
    extend_toolbar: true,
    // custom buttons to be displayed beside each node
    toolbar: [
            label: 'Add Child',
            condition: function(node) {},
            click: function() {},
            btnClass: 'hidden-xs'

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