bench transform-database

This command is added in Version 14, and supports only MariaDB


bench transform-database [OPTIONS] table


The transform-database command allows you to manage the settings of your site's tables. At this point, you can switch engines and row_format settings for select tables on your site database.

MariaDB 10.6 deprecated the COMPRESSED ROW_FORMAT which was Frappe's default option for a very long time. This command was added to handle upgrades to later versions of MariaDB. For more information on this, refer to the PR.


  • --table Comma separated name of tables to convert. To convert all tables, pass 'all' [required]

  • --engine Choice of storage engine for said table(s). Options available are InnoDB and MyISAM.

  • --row_format Set ROW_FORMAT parameter for said table(s). Options available are DYNAMIC, COMPACT, REDUNDANT, COMPRESSED.


  • failfast Exit on first failure occurred


  1. Consider a scenario where you'd want to change the engine of a table "tabAccess Record" to MyISAM. You may want to do this if it's a log table that's dealing with huge volumes of writes and very little reads.

    bench --site {site} transform-database --table 'tabAccess Record' --engine 'MyISAM'
  2. You've upgraded MariaDB on your current server from 10.3 to 10.7 and you want to convert all the tables that used the COMPRESSED row_format to the new default, ie DYNAMIC. You'd want to run the following command.

    bench --site {site} transform-database --table 'all' --row_format 'DYNAMIC'

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