Child / Table DocType

Up until now we have only seen DocTypes that can have a single value for each field. However, there might be a need for storing multiple records against one record, also known as many-to-one relationships. A Child DocType is doctype which can only be linked to a parent DocType. To make a Child DocType make sure to check Is Child Table while creating the doctype.

Child DocType

Child DocType records are directly attached to the parent doc.

>>> person = frappe.get_doc('Person', '000001')
>>> person.as_dict()
    'first_name': 'John',
    'last_name': 'Doe',
    'qualifications': [
        {'title': 'Frontend Architect', 'year': '2017'},
        {'title': 'DevOps Engineer', 'year': '2016'},
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