Bench Procfile

bench start uses honcho to manage multiple processes in developer mode.


The various process that are needed to run frappe are:

  1. bench start - the web server
  2. redis_cache for caching (general)
  3. redis_queue for managing queue for background workers
  4. redis_socketio as a message broker for real-time updates / updates from background workers
  5. web for the frappe web server.
  6. socketio for real-time messaging.
  7. schedule to trigger periodic tasks
  8. worker_* redis workers to handle async jobs

Optionally if you are developing for frappe you can add:

bench watch to automatically build the desk javascript app.


redis_cache: redis-server config/redis_cache.conf
redis_socketio: redis-server config/redis_socketio.conf
redis_queue: redis-server config/redis_queue.conf
web: bench serve --port 8000
socketio: /usr/bin/node apps/frappe/socketio.js
watch: bench watch
schedule: bench schedule
worker_short: bench worker --queue short
worker_long: bench worker --queue long
worker_default: bench worker --queue default

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