bench version


bench version [OPTIONS]


The version command displays compiled info about all the apps installed in the current bench directory. You can choose your preferred output format: plain text, JSON or ASCII table. The --format plain option displays version information as plain text, just like bench version, but with additional information.

$ bench version --format plain
erpnext 14.0.3 version-14 (4e88dcf)
frappe 14.0.1 version-14 (f8ec3d7)

The --format json option displays version information as a formatted JSON string. This is particularly useful if you're building tools over the bench CLI.

$ bench version --format json
        "app": "erpnext",
        "branch": "version-14",
        "commit": "4e88dcf",
        "version": "14.0.3"
        "app": "frappe",
        "branch": "version-14",
        "commit": "ef0a5e9",
        "version": "14.0.1"

The --format table option displays version information formatted as an ASCII table.

$ bench version --format table
| App                     | Version    | Branch                       | Commit  |
| erpnext                 | 14.0.3     | version-14                   | 4e88dcf |
| frappe                  | 14.0.1     | version-14                   | f8ec3d7 |


  • -f, --format Choose the format for showing versions of the apps installed in the current bench. The available options are "plain", "table", "json", "legacy". This value defaults to "legacy".


  1. Get human readable information about the installed apps on current bench, with commit messages.

    bench version --format plain
  2. Get bench version information in JSON format.

    bench version -f json