Frappe provides an easy way to generate form tutorials for your complex doctype with very little configuration.

Form Tour

Creating a Form Tour

To create a Form Tour, type "new form tour" in awesomebar and hit enter.

  1. Enter Title. For eg., 'Creating a Custom Field'

  2. Select Reference DocType.

  3. Add steps defining each fields.

  4. Save the document.

Custom Field Form Tour A Tour to explain creation of Custom Fields

Configuration Options

Form Tour

  1. Is Standard: To make a standard Form Tour which will be stored as JSON. Can only be set while developer mode is on.

  2. Save on Completion: If checked, the last step of the Form Tour will prompt the user to save the document.

  3. Show First Document Tour: If you want to show the tour of an existing document instead of a new form, enable this. As the name suggests, it gives the tour of the very first document created for this DocType.

  4. Include Name Field: For some doctypes, the name is set by the user. On enabling this, the name field becomes the first step of the tour.

Form Tour Steps

  1. Field: A field from the selected doctype. This will be highlighted with a Title & Description.

  2. Title & Description: To describe the field for its use, impact, and other hidden wirings of the field.

  3. Position: The position of the highlighting popover is decided by this field. There are multiple options to choose depending upon the position of the highlighted field.

  4. Next Condition: A code field which expects a valid JS condition which applies on the document. For eg., for a Task DocType Tour, we can check if task priority is set before going to the next condition by setting next condition as follows:

    eval: doc.priority != ""

  5. Is Table Field: To be checked if the field to be highlighted is under a child table.

  6. Parent Field: Table field from the selected doctype. Only visible if Is Table Field is checked. Allows user to select a child table field.

Triggering the Tours

Once you are done describing the Form & its fields, you are now ready to trigger the tour by using Form API. You just have to initialize the tour with appropriate tour_name and then simply start the tour with frm.tour.start().

frappe.ui.form.on('Your DocType', {
    onload: function(frm) {
        const tour_name = 'Your Form Tour Name';
        frm.tour.init({ tour_name }).then(() => frm.tour.start());

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