Along with the framework commands, Frappe's bench_manager module also searches for any commands in your custom applications. Thereby, bench communicates with the respective bench's Frappe which in turn will check for available commands in all of the applications.

To make your custom command available to bench, just create a commands module under your parent module and write the command with a click wrapper and a variable commands which contains a list of click functions, which are your own commands.

The directory structure with a Frappe App flags may be visualized as:

    |── frappe
    ├── flags
    │   ├──
    │   ├── flags
    │   │   ├── commands    <------ commands module
    │   ├── license.txt
    │   ├── requirements.txt
    │   └──

The commands module maybe a single file such as or a directory with an file. For a custom application of name 'flags', an example may be given as

# file_path: frappe-bench/apps/flags/flags/
import click

@click.argument('state', type=click.Choice(['on', 'off']))
def set_flags(state):
    from flags.utils import set_flags

commands = [

and with the context of the current bench, this command maybe executed simply as

➜ bench set-flags
Flags are set to state: 'on'